Bulletin Board Tackable Cork 48" Wide 2187 Brown Rice

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  • Item #: BB-2187-48
  • Manufacturer: Forbo
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BB-2187-48
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Forbo Colored Cork Bulletin Board Tackable Surfaces offers a practical, simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas whenever people plan, create and meet. Bulletin Board is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. Its surface is tactile & colorful, creating a decorative element in your space. Material is 1/4" thick and uses 910W adhesive. This adhesive is the only one in the marketplace that can be used for wall applications.

NOTE: Roll Lengths for 48" wide Bulletin Board can vary from 90 to 92 feet long, which comes out to 40 to 42 square yards based on 48" x 27" representing 1 square yard. That means, our full roll pricing will be automatically applied if you enter 42 yards or more in your cart. There will be additional discounts if you enter 84, 126, etc. Additionally, the more you buy increases the weight of your order and our buy more - pay less shippping will reduce your cost for standard delivery.

Bulletin Board, for your thoughts...

Natural & durable: Bulletin Board is produced from natural and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives Bulletin Board its flexibility and resilience. This combination results in a product with exceptional durability & a sustainable footprint.

Self-healing properties: Its strength and resilience make Bulletin Board the ideal material for pin boards, notice boards and all other surfaces where ideas and information are exchanged. The board material retains its grip and doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards as the pinholes close after extraction of the pins.

Practical & hygienic: Bulletin Board does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties. This makes it a practical solution in classrooms and a hygienic choice in healthcare environments where ‘get well’ messages can be pinned behind the bed.

Buying Guide: Rolls are 90ft long x 48in wide - Buy what you need - Cut to length off the roll in increments of 27 inches. For Example: A quantity of 1 will get you a piece that is 48" x 27" which is 9 square feet (1 square yard).

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