Marmoleum Linoleum by Forbo Flooring from Green Home Floors is a natural, healthy, sustainable flooring choice! We are a family flooring company committed to providing people only with natural, bio-based, non-toxic and sustainable options. We'll keep you happy and healthy with our green flooring products. Marmoleum made from linseed oil, a bi-product of flax seeds, is a beautiful marbleized linoleum floor. Marmoleum comes in many different colors and sizes and can be used for residential and commercial projects. Marmoleum is the first choice of chemical and odor sensitive people. Can't live with carpet? Try our Forbo Flotex flocked flooring. It's got a nice soft feel like carpet but is 100% cleanable and can be sanitized. Super short, vertical pile means this product can not trap dust, dirt, dander, allegens and pollen. Isn't that good news for all you allergy and asthma sufferers out there. Let us be your guide into the world of Marmoleum and Forbo Flooring!